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Go Fund Me – Do These campaigns Really Work?

GoFundCollageWe are starting this GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to help our family buy a piece of land or hopefully even a house in the greater Los Angeles area (looking to stay within 60-90 minutes of Hollywood in any direction).

This is an opportunity for you to help us with a donation of $10 or more to create a more sustainable future for ourselves and in turn, allow us to continue helping others.

I have tried many routes over the past two years. I have applied to countless positions. Something in my efforts just isn’t getting us a step ahead on the road we are looking to travel. The stress and frustration are wearing me down so I’m reaching out to the global community for help. Please consider donating to this campaign or offering other services that will help. The basic advice of “use more keywords” isn’t working!

Please send me an email or post useful ideas or resources in the comments below but most importantly share this post! No one can help if they don’t know it exists.

I am asking for help on multiple levels:

·         A donation of your time as a positive mentor (non-secular approach please) to help me regain a positive outlook on life

·         Are you a super sharp savvy employment recruiter or resume wizard who can help me land a great career position in an Executive Assistant role?

·         Monetary donations of $10 or more to help us secure a safe place for our family to live in the greater Los Angeles area (our family includes those that bark, meow and a couple that hop!)

·         A donation of land (1-5 acres; our furry family is large), a barn, an RV/camper or house would be a dream come true!

·         Gardening supplies so we can turn a piece of the land into a garden to allow us to be self-sustainable and share with our community to help others in need. I am looking for seeds, plants, fruit trees, tools you would like to donate and down the road – you! Garden experts to come lend a hand and play in the dirt with us.

I am asking for help in these areas because it’s been nearly 2 years since I was laid off from my job of 8 years when they closed their California office. In the process I lost my home and we have been temporarily living on a family member’s property in the raw desert outside of Las Vegas. Dust, coyotes and rattlesnakes oh my!

My son has already graduated college and is on his own. However my daughter is in middle school so we are in the home stretch to maintain those honor roll grades as we approach college application time. You can help us get back to an area where education is a stronger focus and she can continue to hone her track & field skills in preparation for a bright future.

I have more than a dozen years’ experience in healthcare and seven years’ experience doing freelance work in the entertainment industry. My last two employers offered me paid relocation. Since the layoff I have only been able to secure an entry-level type office job that doesn’t come close to offering a living wage.

The property we have been living on is being sold and time is of the essence.

If you are able to donate $10 or more today, or offer your time it would go a long way to help our family. Please post our link on your social networks or send to friends who may be able to help with their time.

If you help us to become more self-sufficient, then I will be able to continue helping others even more than we have in the past. I strive to live a green life, donate my time, supplies and money to animal and human causes.

I would like to be in the position again to compost the garden leftovers, share fresh produce from my trees and garden with my neighbors again, and even more so, expand that idea to a community garden and give greatly to those need.

And as always, I will be helping animals in whatever city we end up in.

Please consider helping me so I can in turn help others down the road.

I will post updates here on the blog or share them from the GoFundMe website.


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